About ReprShop

A Professional Multibrand Gadgets Care & Repair Centre for Smartphones, Mobile Phones, Tablets and Laptops.

ReprShop History

The past of person defines his future, Know more about us…!


ReprShop has been a Device Doctor since 17 years as a part of Integrated Gadgets. We have thus claimed surgical efficiency when it comes to refurbishing your damaged devices. Only the safest and best practices are a part of our organization.

About Repr Shop:

Now we have come up with our own place in Hyderabad to serve you directly. The expertise of years with the updated tools and with best interests of customer at heart, ReprShop is here to serve you for years to come.

Keeping with latest standards and updating with changing trends, we have been forefront in staying up to date.

Core Values

When we provide service to our customers, we remain questionable to them, but we don’t give them a reason to question once our work is done.

When we deal with your devices, we guarantee the anonymity and privacy that are your first rights as customers and have kept with in all the years.

When we say ‘only the best,’ we mean it. Only genuine and dependable parts are used for replacing the damaged parts and make your mobile fit as new. Hence giving no reason to question ReprShop.

Updating as we are, we keep track of all latest software and hardware releases that make your device the worth your investment.

Vision Mission


We look up to stand for the words we promise. While our position is promising as a service provider to leading brands and various customer bases, we wish to constitute a position serving directly to the customer.

In simple, we have remained behind curtains, for 17 years now to be specific. Now that Repr Shop has made a stage of its own from 2016, we wish to deliver upon our promises and go beyond our customer expectations and create a relation which creates a mutually lasting and beneficial dialogue.


Apart from small devices, we have also gained 4 years of experience in repairing laptops and other hardware devices. Our care and service towards all devices is similar to that of yours. We value your sense of belonging.

Our work in PCs, Laptops and desktop devices is tried and tested and recorded. Hence the solutions are standardized and proved to work efficiently.

We call ourselves Device Doctor because like medical profession, the problem may not always be seemingly direct. We search more than the outer component to find the exact problem thus giving the correct solution and avoiding unnecessary burden to customers.

Our Team

Vivek Kumar R

Chairman & Founder

Vikas Kumar R

Chief operations officer

Shruti Rungta